Dry, Damaged Nails & Tearing Cuticles


When you have brittle nails they are in a weakened state and tend to break, tear, split or peel easily. External factors (like water, soaps, nail polish etc) damage the keratin protein in the nail and pulls natural moisture from your nails

Get the ultimate Dry, Damaged Nails & Tearing Cuticles nail kit:

  • Acetone Free Nail Varnish Remover
  • Cuticle Balsam
  • Keratin Nail Restorer
  • Keratin Nail Protector
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Beautiful nails start with taking care of your cuticles. The oil-free formula absorbs quickly. Contains vitamin E and B5.

1. Helps to restore damaged cuticles

2. Hydrates dry cuticles

3. Prevents cuticles from tearing

Trind Keratin Nail Protector is suitable for sensitive and / or damaged nails caused, for example by the use of artificial nails or illness.

Protecting base coat for sensitive or damaged nails

1. Enhances the effect of Keratin Nail Restorer

2. Seals the Keratin Nail Restorer within the nail

3. Protects the nail from environmental influences

The Trind Keratin Restorer is a nail strengthening product for weakened or damaged nails that are more sensitive. Especially after the removal of gels and other soak off fake nail systems. The removal of fake nails does extreme damage to the nails and nail beds.

Water based for maximum absorption the Nail Restorer works in a very similar fashion to the Nail Repair Natural. Working to restore natural balance while building strength and flexibility.