Nail Repair Original


The nail plate is mainly made up of keratin (protein molecules). The active ingredients in Nail Repair Original strengthens the keratin strands within the nail resulting in beautifully strong nails in just 2 weeks when used daily. TIP: Use in combination with TRIND Nail Balsam for the best results


  1. Strengthens the nails by firmly connecting protein molecules
  2. Does not disrupt or alter the moisture balance of the nail
  3. Provides a naturally glossy finish
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Use this product on its own or as part of the 3 easy steps to grow strong healthy nails

Quick results for growing natural nails.

  • Formally known as Nail Repair Natural
  • Same great original formula
  • Repairs and strengthens weak, peeling and thin nails.
  • Restores protein and moisture to ensure nails are their healthiest while they are growing.
  • Nail Hardener that promotes flexibility for brittle nails that are chipping.
  • Unique Nail Hardening Formulation that is a Trind best seller worldwide.
  • Hardens fragile nails that are soft and splitting.

Formally known as Nail Repair Natural – Trind Nail Repair Original is the incredibly effective nail strengthener formula that will not yellow or dehydrate your nails. Its unique formula reinforces the connection between the protein molecules in your fingernails to make them strong and flexible. Restore your weak and damaged nails to their natural beauty using Trind Nail Repair Original.

Trind Nail Repair Original has a glossy clear finish but it is also available in a matte finish and in several different colours.

Follow our directions, once a day for two weeks to assist in maintaining the strength and flexibility of your nails as they are growing without the fear of chipping or splitting them. Create the ideal balance between strength and moisture. Your nails will become more flexible as they become stronger while they grow.

This unique formulation restores the right balance between strength and flexibility and it reaches all 3 layers of the nail. Too many products on the market focus on fusing the 3 layers of the nail together or only protecting the top layer. This is what actually causes nails to chip and break.

‘Bring the natural balance back to your nails’

82% moisture and 18% protein = Perfect Nails.

This product ensures your nails look their healthiest and look their best. You will have perfectly smooth, shiny nails with no discoloration. Dries with a glossy finish.



Apply a thin layer of TRIND Nail Repair Original on the nails either on bare nails or after using TRIND Nail Balsam. For beautiful and strong nails apply daily for at least 2 weeks. Before re-applying TRIND Nail Repair remove the previous coat with TRIND Nail Polish Remover. Use in combination with TRIND Nail Balsam for the best results.


(Step 1: Remove old layer with TRIND Nail Polish Remover. Step 2: Apply TRIND Nail Balsam, massage into nail and allow to dry. Step 3: Apply TRIND Nail Repair).


You can use TRIND Nail Repair Original every day for only two weeks, thereafter please use only once a week.  Shake well before use. After use, clean the rim of the bottle. Keep out of reach from children. First test this product on 1 nail. In case of oversensitivity, stop use immediately and remove product from your nail. Avoid eye-contact. Take care not to touch your cuticles with application brush, protect your cuticles with cream.