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unlock the true beauty of your nails

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Unlock The True Beauty Of Your Nails
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TRIND’s Caring Color range are caring nail polishes keeping nails in optimal condition.
Taking care of your nails is the start for beautiful and strong nails.
A base and top coat are essential in a good manicure.
TRIND offers different manicure tools to create the perfect result.
Everyday life can damage your nails. However, there are other reasons like the use of artificial nails, a medical condition...
Your hands & feet have to endure a lot in everyday life and are exposed to internal and external influences.
Healthy cuticles are essential for beautiful, strong and healthy nails.


Mary Jones
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Great product, especially like the new bottles!
Dianne Buys Ruttledge
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My nails were in terrible condition and I used every product to try and repair them and the only thing that worked was trind. I love this product and I tell everyone about it.
Lynda Shackleford
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It is the only thing that has ever worked for my peeling nails. My nails grew for the first time.
Marike Deysel Nienaber
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Trind Nail Repair is an amazing product. I have never been happier with my natural nails. Thank you Trind.
Lindsey McMurray
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Been using Trind for 5 months to treat my nail psoriasis. Slowly but surely my nails are healing and looking pretty again. Fantastic product that does what it says.
Riana Buys
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Best nail repair product on the market in SA
Unlock The True Beauty Of Your Nails
30 years of experience in a new packaging
trind has a brand new look
a beautiful new ranges of 48 colors

TRIND Cosmetics is a Dutch company based in Amersfoort with more than 30 years’ experience in nail care, operating in more than 35 countries. We strongly believe beautiful nails are possible for everyone

The combination of TRIND Nail Repair and TRIND Nail Balsam prevents various nail problems and solves at least 80% of nail issues, such as dry, thin, brittle, splitting, peeling, tearing, and breaking thinning nails.

Everyday life can damage your nails. However, there are other reasons like the use of artificial nails, a medical condition or aging that affect the nail condition as well.